March 14, 2017

Comfort Inn and Suites

Hayward, WI

Join NABA and Leroy Stublaski on March 14 at the Comfort Inn and Suites to learn more about the major changes to the UDC that went into effect for 2016.

Topics to be covered include the deck code material which has approx. 40 pages of code and appendix.  Much of this has caused challenges for builders that include among others:

  • load path changes
  • new foundation requirements
  • added connection hardware
  • lateral bracing.

In addition, there have been general changes to SPS 320, 321 and 323 and a complete rewrite of SPS 322, the oldest code section of the UDC.

The session will include time for builder questions or concerns about the codes and local enforcement.  You are welcome to bring drawings and examples of actual situation for discussion that may benefit you from an explanation of the code requirements and to share with the group.  This will help your understanding of what the inspectors are looking for when they come to your job site and how to reduce costly mistakes for you and your staff.

This training will including information about the new mandatory electronic permit applications and reporting methods going into effect during 2017 which will be mandatory statewide on or before 2018.

Make sure to bring your 2016 code book, we will be using it during the sessions to be assured you’re up-to-date on all of the new code changes by attending this training. RSVP to northlandareabuilders@gmail.com or call/text 715-296-7881.

LUNCH: $7.00